On April 19th, the Chinese Automotive Technology and Research Centre hosted the C-NCAP evaluation press release conference for the first round of models in the Safety Experience at the Hall, Sring City Square, Jinan City, Shandong Pro. 13 models were involved in the evaluation including the All New HAVAL H6, Mercedes E300 L, VW Magotan, to name a few. With excellent safety features, the All New HAVAL H6 won the first C-NCAP 5 stars rating.

The C-NCAP evaluation includes four tests: 100% front impact, 40% front impact, side impact and Whiplash. With different direction as well as different angles of the impact involves strict requirements for the vehicle safety performance. The All New HAVAL H6 achieved scores of 16.74/16.66/18/3.51 in the four evaluations respectively. As the All New HAVAL H6 is equipped with the front seat safety belt reminder, side and curtain airbags and ESC device, it achieved 3 bonus points, giving it a total score of 57.9.

With the help of an “armor safety system”, the All New HAVAL H6’s body design uses unique safety technology, providing 360° protection for passengers, pedestrians and other vehicles. The vehicles body is laser welded, and the high strength steel used accounts for over 65% of the vehicles body. When handling various types of collisions, it could drastically reduce the damage caused by an accident.

On top of that, The All New HAVAL H6 has been spared no effort in intelligent security systems. The All New HAVAL H6 has an intelligent electronic driving assistance system, children and pedestrian protection. The 9th generation BOSCH ESP system is one of the standard specifications and ensures the stability of the body under extreme driving conditions. At the same time, active and passive safety specifications such as ABS, EBD, HDC (Hill Descent Control), BA (Braking Assist), right front blind area monitor, TPMS, to name but a few are all available.

HAVAL has made excessive efforts to ensure the high safety level of the body and all-round active and passive specifications. The All New HAVAL H6 gets a C-NCAP 5 star rating, and reiterates the HAVAL brand’s core concept of “Safety”, and proved HAVAL’s commitment “pursuing extreme SUV safety” is not false promises. The HAVAL brand’s core value “Buying HAVAL means to buy a safer SUV” has been experienced among the customers, and it has established a reliable and safe reputation the world over.